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Argentina Debuts Satellite to Be Launched from the United States at the End of the Year

A Poem and a Letter by Simón Bolívar and a Lock of His Hair Are Sold in London

Por Dialogo
marzo 24, 2010

The Argentine foreign minister, Jorge Taiana, today introduced the SAC-D satellite, developed in the country and scheduled to be launched from the United States in December for scientific research, as a “true national point of pride.” After being transported to Brazil to undergo environmental testing, the satellite will be launched in the most important space mission that Argentina has yet developed through the National Space Activities Commission (CONAE), the minister indicated. “We’re satisfied, because we’ve reached a very important landmark in the development of Argentine knowledge and international cooperation between equals,” affirmed Taiana, who heads CONAE’s board of directors. The satellite will be launched from NASA’s base in California (U.S.), on board a Delta II rocket, according to official sources. At the official ceremony presenting the mission in Bariloche, 1,650 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, Taiana explained that the objective of sending the satellite into space “has to do with the need to develop a vanguard sector of space activity, with fundamental tools for productive social, economic, and technological development.” Likewise, he revealed that one of the satellite’s purposes will be to study the salinity of the oceans in order to observe the environmental consequences of climate change. Taiana acknowledged that this significant advance is the result of many years of work and expressed gratitude for the international cooperation and for the “extensive participation” of Argentine and foreign entities.