Venezuela Seizes a Ton of Cocaine

By Dialogo
February 12, 2013

The Venezuelan government seized over a ton of what would presumably be cocaine in an aircraft located in the state of Apure, near the Colombian border, Minister of Interior Néstor Reverol reported on February 9.

During the evening of February 8, “a two-engine Embraer 820 aircraft with a fake denomination acronym (…) carrying a huge amount of cocaine inside was found in the northern area of Cararabo, 25 km near the border, in the proximity of Cinaruco, municipality of Pedro Camejo de Apure,” Reverol told the official media station VTV.

The authorities are still counting the total cargo, but it is “presumed to be more than a ton of cocaine,” the official added.

After the aircraft was detected on a runway, a National Guard component rushed to the scene, but was repelled with shots by men that escaped in vehicles.

Venezuelan authorities seized 45 tons of drugs in 2012, half of which was cocaine, according to official numbers disclosed by Reverol at the end of 2012.

Venezuela is the eighth country with the most cocaine seizures in the world, with 4 percent of international cocaine trafficking concentrated there, the government reported.