Venezuela Seized 45 Tons of Drugs in 2012

By Dialogo
December 27, 2012

Venezuelan authorities seized 45 tons of drugs in 2012, half of which was cocaine, Minister of Interior and Justice Néstor Reverol told the press on December 20.

“So far in 2012, 45,084 kilograms of different kinds of drugs have been seized,” Reverol said in press conference, where he explained that, out of that amount, over 27.1 tons were of cocaine, and 17.8 tons of marihuana.

The minister stated that due to these seizures, the local authorities “have prevented 6.5 million doses from reaching consumers,” paying special attention to “confiscations via mail packaging,” by which they could detect “over a ton of small portions of drugs they intended to take out of the country.”

In 2011, drug seizures fell a third compared to the previous year, and authorities praised themselves for the “downward trend” of drug transit through the country.

This year, the amount slightly rose with respect to the 42.3 tons seized last year.

Reverol informed that in 2012, 9,692 people were arrested on drug trafficking charges; 220 foreigners and the rest were nationals, among which there were “20 leaders of important drug trafficking organizations,” highlighting the arrest of Colombian Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, deported to his country in November.

Likewise, he added that, out of the 200 foreign detainees on drug charges in the country, “77 percent were Colombians,” while out of the most important drug traffickers deported by Venezuela, 45 percent were sent to Colombia, and 29 per- cent to the United States.

The minister also reiterated the government’s commitment to combat drug trafficking, highlighting the binational cooperation program with Colombia. In turn, he rejected criticism from U.S. officials that said Venezuela remains a drug transit nation.

I don’t believe that all those drugs were incinerated, USA is the largest consumer, the Bolivarian Government always declared war to the Americans, because drugs are a weapon which kills slowly and in a very subtle way. When 45 tons are seized, it means they let go 100 tons, I will just believe it was done when all coca plantations are destroyed.