USSOUTHCOM to Participate in Fused Response

USSOUTHCOM to Participate in Fused Response

By Dialogo
February 29, 2012

The U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) announced its participation in Exercise Fused Response in Guyana on February 28.

This year’s exercise runs March 1-9 and includes U.S. Special Operations Command-South and Guyanese Defence Forces who will train together to improve skills in areas such as communications, planning, reconnaissance and other joint training specialties.

Fused Response training will improve the skills of both Guyana and U.S. Forces to better respond to security challenges and to provide effective and cooperative disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

The exercise will also enhance both nations’ collective ability to combat regional threats including terrorism, illicit trafficking, and organized crime.

Fused Response is an annual SOUTHCOM-sponsored multi-lateral exercise involving a combined contingent of U.S. and partner-nation forces.

About 350 U.S. military personnel will join approximately 125 Guyanese troops to train in Guyana at the invitation of the Guyanese government. Guyanese and U.S. forces frequently train together, and Fused Response will build on this existing relationship and serve as a positive example of strengthening partnerships in the region.