United States Affirms that Any Effort for Peace in Colombia is Positive

By Dialogo
August 30, 2012

The United States evaluates every effort, as positive, if its purpose is to end the prolonged internal conflict in Colombia, with preliminary contacts aimed at encouraging peace talks between the government of Bogotá and the FARC guerillas.

“We welcome all efforts to end the continent’s most prolonged conflict and to establish a lasting peace in Colombia,” said the State Department representative, Victoria Nuland, in a press conference on August 28.

The Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, confirmed on August 27, that they had held preliminary conversations with the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), raised in arms for almost 50 years, to explore the possibility of opening a peace dialogue.

“In any conflict it is always hoped that there will be a moment when you can enter the peace negotiations,” said Nuland, noting that it is up to Santos’ government to determine “how they want to proceed” in this case.

The United States has given Colombia, one of its main partners in the region, more than $8 billion since 2000 through Plan Colombia for security and the fight against drug trafficking, according to the State Department.