U.S. Company Wins Contract for Colombian Air Defense Systems

U.S. Company Wins Contract for Colombian Air Defense Systems

By Dialogo
August 29, 2013

U.S. based Northrop Grumman Corporation was chosen by Colombia to develop its new air defense system (SISDAN) through government-to-government agreements.

During the first phase of the system’s development, the company will provide 3D and early-warning mobile radars (between four and eight AN/TPS-78-type units, apparently) valued at $126 million, and it will develop the connection process of the new C4i to the Colombian Air Force’s (FAC) communications system (Andrómeda), in order to project encrypted information to their different air platforms in real time.

AN/TPS-78 radars have a state-of-the-art system, with a range of 450 kilometers, using stackable waves in order to provide full coverage, detecting high and low altitude targets simultaneously.

The radar is designed with frequency-agile technology, limiting susceptibility to jamming, since it dynamically chooses the least interfered frequency on the 300MHz operational band.

The average time between critical failures is 2000 hours of operation. The system does not have elements that irradiate actively, so it is extremely difficult to be intercepted by missiles that search for radiation (anti-radar).