U.K. Authorities Outsmart Traffickers

By Dialogo
January 01, 2011

The UK Border Agency released a list of the 10 most unusual drug concealment techniques interdicted in 2010. The illicit substances included cannabis, cocaine, heroin and liquid cocaine.

Concealment Technique

Hidden in metal drums containing powdered nuts - Source or origin:
Mexico *destined for Australia

Hidden in packets of nuts - Source or origin: Jamaica

Concealed within a truck’s motor, rear bulkhead and roof space of the cab. Additionally, some of the drug was strapped to the driver’s body - Source or origin:

Concealed within a woodenframed painting of Emmanuel Adebayor, Togolese soccer player - Source or origin:

Hidden in hollowed out yams that were glued to seem whole - Source or origin:

Hidden in woven baskets - Source or origin: Tanzania

Stuffed inside glass ornaments - Source or origin: Peru

Hidden in a birthday card - Source or origin: N/A

Traffickers swallowed packages of drugs, with further quantities stuffed inside their bodies - Source or origin:

Hidden in two bottles of Baileys liquor - Source or origin:
Trinidad and Tobago