Two Members of the Los Zetas Cartel Detained in Northern Guatemala

By Dialogo
June 27, 2011

Two Guatemalans, alleged members of the Mexican Los Zetas cartel, were detained by Guatemalan authorities on 23 June, in a town in the northern part of the country, on the border with Mexico, Interior Minister Carlos Menocal announced.

The detainees, identified as Harry Estuardo Cuguá and Carlos José Martínez, were arrested in the Saclac neighborhood of Cobán, in the department of Alta Verapaz, around 300 km north of the capital, Menocal specified at a press conference.

The minister affirmed that the detainees are suspected of the offenses of illicit association and conspiracy to murder in connection with the death of the Alta Verapaz public prosecutor, Allan Vidaurre, in a town in northern Guatemala on 23 May.

Menocal indicated that the arrests were made “thanks to the joint work of teams from the National Civil Police and prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.”

According to the official, both men are young and dedicated themselves to logistics tasks within the Los Zetas criminal organization.

Vidaurre was kidnapped in Cobán (Alta Verapaz), and parts of his dismembered body appeared in several areas of that city early the following morning. Fourteen suspected Zetas were previously arrested in connection with this event.

Los Zetas, whose networks extend from the southern United States to several countries in Central America, are a group created by former Mexican military personnel who deserted some years ago to join the Gulf cartel, with which they are now clashing.

Very nice photo, only one correction, the note indicates that Los Zetas suspects were arrested in a border town with Mexico, but in the article it specifies that it was in Alta Verapaz and this department does NOT have a border with Mexico.