Two FARC Terrorist Leaders Captured

Two FARC Terrorist Leaders Captured

By Dialogo
May 09, 2013

On May 7, units of Colombia’s National Navy captured alias ‘Gorgojo’, head of the terrorism support network belonging to the FARC’s 48th Front in the subdivision of Puerto Ospina, Putumayo.

Manuel Torres Aguinda, age 60, is accused of perpetrating crimes, including the production of explosives and the execution of attacks against units from the public forces in Puerto Ospina, La Concepción, La Papaya, El Tablero and Piñuña Negro, Putumayo department.

The criminal belonged to this illegal armed group for 10 years, and extorted merchants and couriers, in addition to gathering information about the location and movement of authorities.

‘Gorgojo’ is being held by Colombian authorities.

Furthermore, on the same day, troops from the ‘Vulcano’ Task Force captured the second leader of the FARC’s terrorism support network in Catatumbo.

The criminal was on a motorcycle, and was captured by troops of the 13th Brigade with seven kilos of coca paste on him.

Known within the FARC as alias ‘Yobany’, he belongs to the Iván Ríos Mobile Unit Company, and was working as second in command of seven structures for terrorism support networks that commit crimes in Catatumbo.

He was also in charge of selling coca paste, which is further processed to make cocaine hydrochloride.