The Brazilian Army and Navy Conduct a River Patrol with the Colombian Army

By Dialogo
August 25, 2011

Members of the Missões Task Force – part of the 6th Jungle Infantry Brigade – and of Task Force 451 (Brazilian Navy) have conducted a joint river patrol with Colombian Army personnel along the course of the Traira River, a dangerous border region between the two countries. The 4th Army Aviation Battalion, headquartered in Manaus, also participated in the operation.

Twenty years ago, on 26 February 1991, this area was the site of attacks by FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerrillas on a Brazilian Army border post, causing the deaths of three soldiers and wounding another 29, in addition to the theft of weapons, ammunition, supplies, and equipment.

The Brazilian Government then immediately transferred Special Forces Brigade troops and Army Aviation helicopters, Air Force transport and fighter planes, and Navy river resources.

A search was conducted in the Amazon jungle, known as “Operation Traira,” ending with the recovery of the stolen weapons and the deaths of 21 FARC guerrillas. A sizeable group of guerrillas was also captured, who after being interrogated, were extradited to Colombia, where they were tried and convicted.