Ten Fake Venezuelan Athletes Busted with Cocaine in Argentina

By Dialogo
November 20, 2012

Ten Venezuelan nationals pretending to be the Olympic weightlifting team were arrested with liquid cocaine capsules in their stomachs at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, before flying to Europe, reported airport officials on November 17.

The fake Venezuelan athletes were about to board a flight on TAM airlines with a stopover in Brazil, and Lisbon as the final destination on November 15, when they were arrested after getting full body scans.

The procedure detected that they had swallowed capsules of cocaine, for which they were arrested by the airport’s Security Police and brought to Buenos Aires’s 8th Criminal Economic Court.

Linked to the same case, three Dominican nationals were arrested in two raids at a hotel and an apartment in Buenos Aires, the source specified to the official news agency Telam.

The investigation started last July, after it was reported that a Venezuelan individual, who allegedly headed a Venezuelan organization devoted to trading illegal drugs, was engaged in the sale of prohibited drugs and culminated in the operation on November 15, stated the source.