Spanish Police Seize Vessel with 3,000 Kilos of Cocaine

By Dialogo
June 03, 2013

Spanish police seized a vessel carrying over 3,000 kilos of cocaine and arrested 21 people in an operation that disrupted a drug trafficking ring that operated between Venezuela and Galicia, they reported on May 31.

Early on May 29, the boat was intercepted in open waters by the Police, who arrested the Korean captain and four crew members of Indonesian origin, according to the same source.

The operation continued on land, where 16 other people were detained in the Galician provinces of Pontevedra and Ourense, including “the representative of the Venezuelan organization in Spain,” who was in charge of coordinating the delivery of drugs with the Galician groups.

Ten raids have been carried out in the operation, where firearms, computers, documents and several vehicles have been seized, according to Spain’s Police, which added that the operation is still on course and they do not discard that more arrests might take place.

In March, Spanish authorities had intercepted another vessel in the Atlantic with nearly two tons of cocaine bound for Europe. In that operation, five sailors – four Brazilian citizens and a Korean national – as well as four alleged trafficking organizers were arrested the following day in Porto, Portugal.