Spain Dismantles Colombian Cartel’s Extortion Affiliate

By Dialogo
December 06, 2011

The chief collection and extortion affiliate of the Colombian Envigado cartel has been dismantled in Madrid, and nine people have been arrested, the Spanish National Police announced on December 5.

The group was led by a Colombian “held in pre-trial detention (…) on a narcotics-trafficking charge,” who communicated with the rest of the gang using “his romantic partner, to whom he personally gave instructions to transmit his messages to the other members,” the police explained.

According to the statement, the group used “intimidation” to collect “supposed debts arising from drug trafficking from Colombian citizens,” for which it received a 35-percent commission on the amount it recovered, the document specified.

A Micro UZI submachine gun with a silencer was seized in the operation, among other weapons. In addition, a marijuana crop was uprooted, and a cocaine manipulation home laboratory was dismantled, the statement said.

The investigation began last year after a complaint by someone from whom the group was demanding payment of a supposed debt, under threats that “forced him to leave his home and his job.”