Seven FARC Guerrillas Killed in a Military Operation

Seven FARC Guerrillas Killed in a Military Operation

By Dialogo
September 05, 2012

Seven FARC guerrillas were killed and five others arrested in a military
operation conducted on September 3 in the center of the Colombia, reported the
country’s Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón, shortly after the group confirmed
talks with the government.

In a statement to the press, Pinzón pointed out that in a joint operation by
the Colombian Air Force and the Army in Puerto Concordia, a remote rural area of the
department (province) of Meta, seven FARC guerrillas died on the morning of
September 3, and another five were captured, one of them wounded.

Among those arrested was the “third leader” of the seventh front
of the guerrilla group, which was the target of the military operation, the Minister
said without providing further details.

“This demonstrates the willingness of the police to work tirelessly to
affect any organization devoted to terrorism and crime that goes against the
Colombian people,” declared Pinzón.

On September 3, the FARC released a video that confirmed their willingness to
develop a peace process with the Colombian government.

“We arrived at the negotiating table without rancor or
arrogance,” top commander of the FARC, Rodrigo Londoño, alias “Timoleón
Jiménez” or “Timochenko”, said in a message. “We have sworn we will prevail
and we will,” he added.

President Juan Manuel Santos revealed on August 27 that “exploratory
discussions” between his government and the FARC to end armed conflict of
nearly 50 years, had been carried out, and he warned that the military operations
will be maintained throughout the country during this process.