Seizure of 12.2 Tons of Paraguayan Marihuana in Brazil

By Dialogo
June 18, 2009

Rio de Janeiro, June 15 (EFE).- In one of the major drug busts of the year in the country, the Brazilian police seized on Sunday 12.2 tons of marihuana, hidden in a truck coming from Paraguay and heading to Sao Paulo, the main city of the country, official sources informed today. Marihuana was found on Sunday night during a police patrol in Guaíra, a town in the state of Paraná (Southern Brazil) on the border with Paraguay, according to a communiqué released today by the Federal Police of Carreteras. Marihuana was hidden below a timber load, and it was found because the truck driver got very nervous when agents of the Federal Police of Carreteras stopped him. Initially the driver, aged 50, introduced himself under a different name, but when the police checked his identification documents, they found out that he had a criminal record related to drug trafficking, so they decided to inspect the truck load. That was the second significant load of marihuana found in Guaíra in a month. On May 15, a truck carrying 7.9 tons of that drug was seized in the same municipality. Last month, agents of the Federal Police at Guaíra participated in a joint operation with the Paraguayan police in which 542 million marihuana plants were destroyed on the territory of that country. Paraguay is the main source of marihuana that enters Brazil.