Salvadoran and U.S. Army Leaders Discuss Security Cooperation

Salvadoran and U.S. Army Leaders Discuss Security Cooperation

By Dialogo
August 21, 2013

Leaders from U.S. Army South and the Salvadoran Army held talks in El Salvador on the week of August 12-16 to discuss security cooperation between the two forces.

El Salvador and the United States have a close security partnership; Salvadoran forces participate in missions to disrupt illicit traffickers, take part in humanitarian efforts, and send troops to support U.S.-led efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The two armies have a history of working and training together. During the talks, the two armies worked to develop a bilateral engagement plan to improve peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance/disaster relief and other combined operations.

The meetings produced 24 agreed-to actions that include professional development and subject matter expert exchanges that will take place throughout fiscal year 2014.

Army South, as the U.S. Army’s executive agent, conducted the staff talks with the Salvadoran army in an effort to create a bilateral forum for strategic-level discussions between the respective armies.

Army South also conducts annual army-to-army staff talks with Brazil, Chile and Colombia on behalf of the U.S. Army and as part of U.S. Southern Command’s theater security cooperation mission.