Rio 2016 Committee Selects Military Centers to Support 2016 Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Committee Selects Military Centers to Support 2016 Olympic Games

By Dialogo
February 26, 2013

Brazil’s Navy “Almirante Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Center”, the Air Force University, and Army Physical Training Center –centers of sports excellence from the Brazilian Armed Forces – will be used to support the delegations who will participate in the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Brazilian team will train at the Army’s Physical Training Center until the Olympic Village is inaugurated.

The decision was made after a meeting that marked the beginning of preparations for the Olympic Games. Participating members included the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Organizers of the Olympic Games and the Brazilian Military Sports Commission of the Defense Ministry. In the meeting, sports competition manager Rodrigo Garcia, disclosed the training location.

The preparation for the Olympic Cycling Events (2012/2016) and the Military Cycling Events (2011/2015) were also discussed. These competitions occur every four years, between the Olympic Games and the Military World Games.

At the same time, the experts also discussed the World Naval Pentathlon Championship, an essentially naval competition that consists of hurdles, rescue swimming, utilitarian swimming, cross country and naval skills, where 15 countries are scheduled to participate.

The Military World Pentathlon Championship is considered the most important competition of the International Military Sports Council. It is only practiced by military members of the three services who participate in shooting competitions, hurdles, utilitarian swimming, grenade launching, and field running. Brazil expects to host approximately 32 countries for this championship.

Lieutenant General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, president of the Brazilian Military Sports Commission (CDMB); Navy Rear Admiral Alexandre José Barreto de Mattos; Army Major General Décio dos Santos Brasil; and Air Force Major General Roverson Milker Figueiredo, the latter three of whom serve as chairs of the sports commissions for the services, attended the meeting.