Psychological Operations Seminar Carried Out in Guatemala

Psychological Operations Seminar Carried Out in Guatemala

By Dialogo
December 28, 2012

Within the framework of permanent exposure to experiences and professional training, the Guatemalan National Defense’s Joint Chiefs of Staff personnel, in coordination with SOUTHCOM, carried out an exchange of knowledge among Psychological Operations’ subject matter experts.

The lecture series was held at the 4th Marine Brigade’s headquarters based in Cuyotenango, Guatemala, from December 10 to 14, 2012. The main goal was to improve the Armed Forces’ capabilities in Psychological Operations, by means of reciprocal experiences, and focusing on the importance of this kind of missions, highlighting the analysis of operations aimed at specific audiences.

The 15 individuals that participated were divided into two groups, based on their rank and responsibilities, in order to achieve a better communication and understanding of the topics that were discussed at the seminar.

The group with officers focused its attention on planning and processing of orders, from the point of view of psychological operations. The second group of soldiers was centered on the creation and implementation of tactics, as well as the exchange of experiences.

Subject matter experts were the heads of chairs, and always remained very objective in their instructions, based on doctrine concepts regarding the use of tactical vehicles to support the Commander, on local issues management, and on the application of Psychological Operations to support and complete missions successfully.

During the training, the participants seemed satisfied and interested, giving opinions and sharing experiences that served to strengthen knowledge for its application in future operations.

Due to the high number of subjects and the interest shown for the topics presented by the instructors, each section’s timeframe had to be readjusted to shorter periods, so towards the end in the recap of the event, it was proposed that the next activities should be extended into exchanges with a duration no less than ten days, to have enough time to discuss in detail the content of each subject of study.

According to a spokesman of the Guatemalan Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Department of Planning and Development, the Military Staff groups that were selected felt satisfied with the enthusiastic collaboration manifested by all participants in the exchange.

I think it's important that this function be analyzed by the FF.AA. (Armed Forces of Chile), and I'd like to request access to the digital content of the materials for the subjects discussed in these seminars, which, I reiterate, are very interesting.
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