President Dilma Rousseff Highlights the Growth of Women in the Military

President Dilma Rousseff Highlights the Growth of Women in the Military

By Dialogo
December 27, 2012

On various occasions, President Dilma Rousseff emphasized, on December 20, the investments made by the government for the modernization of the Armed Forces and the participation “each time more active and proud” of women in the military.

“For the first time, a woman was promoted to the rank of General, showing that in the Armed Forces the patriotism and the professionalism are not linked to gender distinction,” she said while praising the achievement of Rear Admiral Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes, during a greeting with recently promoted generals, in the Palacio do Planalto head office. Her words were followed by Navy Lieutenant Luciana Mendes, Dalva’s daughter. She is very proud of her mother; she said that the Admiral is a “great influence” in her career.

Later, during the celebration lunch with leaders of the Armed Forces, President Dilma highlighted the commitment of the government to the strengthening of the national defense industry, which according to her “is vital for a country that wants to obtain proper military capacities and to keep its international independence.”

During the lunch at the Army Headquarters, Dilma praised the accomplishments of women that were promoted to important roles in the Armed Forces. She mentioned the 2012 investments in each of the Forces and also important matters of the government, in a quick annual review.

When she talked about the Navy, the president emphasized the beginning of the national phase of the nuclear propulsion submarine. Concerning the investments in the Army, she elected the Cyber Defense Center as one of the gains. Regarding the Air Force, she mentioned the projects for the aerial refueling KC-390 airplane and the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV). President Rousseff highlighted the success of the Rio+20 in terms of security, which was coordinated by the Ministry of Defense.

The president also spoke on combat operations against border crimes, such as Agata. According to her, these initiatives “stimulate the solidification of the interoperability between the Armed Forces.” And she praised the professionalism of the troops, stating that “Brazil trusts you.”

The Army commander, General Enzo Peri, delivered a speech and praised the presidential government. “Brazil is better today,” he said, adding that there is a lot to celebrate. According to the commander Enzo, the investments in operational resources of the Armed Forces provided the increase of “the contribution of our support to national development, the security of large events, and the projection of Brazil to a global scenario.”

Following, the Ministry of Defense, Celso Amorim, reiterated the words of the General, praising the growing investments in the modernization of the Armed Forces. According to Amorim, Dilma Rousseff “proposed a toast” to the Brazilians, based on: reequipping the Naval, Ground, and Air Forces, and the kindness for having spared resources to provide for the troops.