Police Settle in Two More Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

By Dialogo
January 18, 2013

With the formal launch of two Police Pacification Units (UPPs) on January 16, Brazil’s Military Police officially settled in the Jacarezinho and Manguinhos favelas, which are among the most dangerous in Rio de Janeiro and hubs of crack consumption.

Last October, both slums were taken by Police and Navy officers, after decades of aggressive drug trafficking control.

In total, 1,131 Police officers will patrol the winding roads of Jacarezinho and Manguinhos on motorcycles, cars, and on foot.

Thirty UPPs have been established in Rio since 2008, when the occupation strategy began to be applied in the favelas in order to improve security before the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

The authorities are expecting to have 40 units by 2014.

“We are not naïve enough to think that after years of neglect all the problems will be solved overnight; this is very challenging,” governor of Rio de Janeiro state Sergio Cabral said in the inauguration ceremony.

Jacarezinho and Manguinhos, with a population of about 70,000 people, were among the most dangerous favelas in Rio de Janeiro. In these slums, drug trafficking activities were carried out during broad daylight, and it was common to see armed people on the streets.