Police seize 500 kilograms of cocaine in Honduras

By Dialogo
August 20, 2010

In a joint anti-drug operation by the Honduran National Police, prosecutors and the air force on August 17, police seized 500 kilograms of cocaine found in a dump truck that had dodged police checkpoints.

According to Deputy Security Minister Armando Calidonio in a report by EFE, a small twin-engine plane, three other vehicles and two M-16 assault rifles were also seized during the operation in the northern city of Choloma. Five armed suspects were taken into custody.

Calidonio said investigators are trying to find out the origin of the plane, but suspect that it came from South America and dropped the load of cocaine on August 15 near Choloma.

Honduras has become a transit country for South American drug traffickers, who tend to use small planes to smuggle goods, reported EFE.

Some of the planes come from Colombia and Venezuela, and while some are intercepted, others land and are later burned to destroy the evidence, officials said.