Peruvian Waters: Scene for UNITAS Multinational Naval Exercise

By Dialogo
March 29, 2012

The UNITAS 53-2012 Pacific Phase naval exercise will be held this year in the waters off the Peruvian coast and will include the participation of the Navies of the United States, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and the host country, Peru. The Naval units will begin to arrive at the port of Callao on May 12, departing on May 16 for the area where the different exercises will be held, and returning on May 26.

For that purpose, a planning and evaluation meeting was held at Peruvian Navy (MGP) facilities, where attendees were introduced to the program and objectives of the exercises, which on this occasion will evaluate the participation of the different units under one operational command, crisis management, anti-piracy operations, and international organized crime, among other areas.

The various commands that will participate in the event were also determined during the meeting. The Air Defense Command and the Electronic Warfare Command will be led by the U.S. Navy; the Surface Warfare Command will be the responsibility of the Ecuadorean Navy; the Anti-Submarine Warfare Command and the Search-and-Rescue Command will be led by the MGP; and the Maritime Interdiction Command will be the responsibility of the Colombian Navy.