Peruvian Deputy Minister of Defense Seeks Transparency in Sector Purchases

Peruvian Deputy Minister of Defense Seeks Transparency in Sector Purchases

By Dialogo
September 12, 2013

The Purchasing Agency of the Peruvian Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) will ensure that purchases are more transparent and professionally conducted in the Armed Forces, Deputy Minister of Defense Resources Jakke Valakivi stated.

“The aim is to manage the process with a high degree of professionalism and make the whole purchase management more transparent; obviously we will have to keep some confidentiality,” he said.

Presidential Decree 005-2013 regulating the measure created by the Defense’s Purchasing Agency was published in the state newspaper El Peruano on September 7.

This new system, to be implemented in the Peruvian Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Armed Forces Joint Command, the Merchant Navy’s National School and the National Commission for Airspace Development and Research (CONIDA), will be enforced in 120 days, Valakivi reported.

The official stated that, initially, the agency will be in charge of all military purchases made in the Defense sector, such as tanks, aircraft, or vessels, as well as other logistical elements, uniforms, and food supplies.

These purchases will be conducted within the national market or in the international market whenever necessary; by tender or government-to-government contracts.

He added that acquisitions in other institutions or ministries, such as the Ministry of Interior or National Police, might be made with an agreement.