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Peru Will Acquire Satellite to Contribute to the Country’s Development and Security

By Dialogo
March 29, 2011

Congratulations to the Ministry of Defense of Peru for that purchase. I am happy that our America Latin countries are moving forward in their development. It seems that this is an advancement of the communication referred to. It’s very good to be aware of what happens inside and outside the country. Good for that That's good to hear. Just finished a project on satellite's contribution to national development. God bless ur country, God bless Nigeria! Economic growth must go hand in hand with national security. It is good to know that they have the idea of protecting investments.
Peru will acquire an earth observation satellite that will contribute to the country’s national development, defense, and security, the Peruvian Defense Ministry announced on 26 March.

“The Peruvian state, through the Defense Ministry, will acquire ownership of a satellite system that can provide timely and appropriate information for contributing to national development,” the ministry indicated in a statement.

It maintained that with the information obtained by means of the satellite, it will be possible to improve vigilance over and security of the national territory and guarantee social wellbeing.

“The satellite system will make a major contribution to national security and defense, since it is expected to contribute to the protection of our borders, the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, and the monitoring of illicit cultivation,” according to the note.

It will likewise be useful for preserving Amazon forests by locating any illegal indiscriminate logging activity and will make it possible to monitor the melting of glaciers and the pollution of rivers and lakes.

It will also monitor changes that may occur in Peru, contributing to preventing, identifying, and mitigating potential natural disasters.

The ministry stated that acquisition of the satellite system will put Peru among the countries in the region with the most advanced technology for capturing satellite images.