Peru Reinforces Police in Fight against Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

By Dialogo
August 31, 2012

Peru’s National Police will be reinforced with new weapons and equipment in order to carry out the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, as part of a larger investment in security that the government is implementing, said the Peruvian Interior Minister on August 29.

The government is committed to equip the police to improve the fight against drugs and crime; to that end we have a fairly significant investment for the infrastructure and equipment in the order of 640 million soles (about U.S. $ 240 million), said Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza.

Weapons have not been purchased (for the police) in 25 years. We are in the process of defining what type of weapons will be acquired, but they will be similar to those of the Armed Forces, the official pointed out.

In addition to weapons, the plan includes new equipment and communications systems to improve the way problems of public safety and police intervention in social conflicts are addressed.

The police will also have new deterrent weapons to try to avoid fatalities that are produced in social conflicts, Pedraza added.

Peru’s national police did not have the proper equipment to address the country’s current challenges of security and narco-terrorism. Now it will rely on equipment that it never had before, said National Police Director Raúl Salazar.

The police chief indicated that there will be lightweight assault rifles like the ones used by the Armed Forces, although the caliber has not yet been defined. “In the moment of a confrontation, drug dealers do not discriminate between military or police” he emphasized.