Peru and Ecuador Strengthen Ties

By Dialogo
July 01, 2010

How wonderful that brother countries maintain good relations this is the basis for the South American union to move forward, they are countries with the same customs they don't argue or enter into war with each other just peace and dialogue all the time I ask God to keep the countries of south america united

Great! Hopefully in the future no South American government will ask for handouts from Empires and remain united for full development. MERCOSUR and UNASUR should be strengthened. Peruvian resident in Buenos Aires, Argentina They have no idea how much relations have changed between Peru and Ecuador; less than 10 years ago it was unthinkable that the Ecuadorian and/or Peruvian police could cross regularly over the borders to shop and it is now common to see them, or for example in case of fire the firefighters from both sides come to the rescue. And all that has just transpired some 15 years after the last conflict which killed dozens of soldiers on both sides. I'm sure that the same commitment to peace exists between Peru and Chile and relations will be at the same level between our peoples. Greetings

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, center, declared that bilateral ties with
neighboring Peru are at their strongest. The fraternal gesture came at a state visit
to Lima in June where Correa and Peruvian President Alan García, left, signed an
agreement to open a Peruvian interest section in Ecuador’s embassy in Switzerland
and an Ecuadorean interest section in Peru’s embassy in Algeria. The leaders also
inked agreements governing defense and transborder issues.
The agreement closes a chapter in the conflicted history of the two
countries, which went to war three times in the 20th century over their Amazonian
border. A final peace accord between the two countries was signed in Brasilia in