Operations Targeting Los Zetas Are Extended to Other Areas of Guatemala

By Dialogo
May 26, 2011

On 24 May, Guatemalan Interior Minister Carlos Menocal announced the extension to other regions of operations aimed at detaining members of the Mexican Los Zetas cartel, to whom the massacre of twenty-seven peasants on a rural property in the northern part of the country has been attributed.

“The investigations have not been concentrated in Petén (where the massacre took place), but have been extended to other departments of the country such as Quetzaltenango (in the west), Huehuetenango (in the northwest), and Alta Verapaz (in the north). Results have been obtained thanks to the articulation of intelligence and discoveries stemming from different operations,” Menocal affirmed.

On 24 May, the police arrested an individual suspected of leading the Los Zetas hitmen who murdered and beheaded the twenty-seven peasants on the Petén rural property on 14 May, a massacre that provoked a strong reaction throughout Central America, President Alvaro Colom announced.

This raises to twelve the number of suspects who have been detained in relation to this case.