OAS Countries Agree to Overturn Expulsion of Cuba Approved in 1962

By Dialogo
June 04, 2009

San Pedro Sula (Honduras), 03 June (EFE). - The Foreign Ministers who participated in the XXXIX OAS General Assembly were able to reach a consensus today to overturn the expulsion of Cuba, which was approved in 1962. In his statements to reporters, the Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Relations, Fander Falconí, announced the decision that was adopted today by consensus. Falconí indicated “that at this time the decision has been approved by all of the Foreign Ministers, and that this is good news, because it reflects the changing times that Latin America is experiencing.” The Ecuadorian minister explained that they had reached “a consensus about a document which is not subject to condition and which establishes (…) the overturning of the expulsion of Cuba that was approved in the year 1962.” “Many of us were not born at that time, and what this generation is doing is basically amending history. Here we have a challenge to build a different history,” he added. The decision was adopted today after an evening in which the Foreign Ministers from a special group designated to deal with the issue remained in session for more than six hours, unable to reach a consensus. The positions confronted were the following: some of the parties involved proposed an overturning of the suspension without any stipulations, and other parties had mentioned the need for Cuba to assume the commitments of democracy and defense of human rights adopted by the other countries who are members of the organization. Today, the delegates from the 34 countries concluded the plenary sessions of the XXXIX OAS General Assembly.