Narco Semi-Subs Located off Honduran Coast

By Dialogo
November 28, 2011

The U.S. Coast Guard has located two semi-submersibles off the coast of Honduras that authorities believe were trying to transport illegal drugs to the United States, a senior Honduran Army general has said.

Army General René Osorio told reporters that the two semi-subs were located on November 20, after having been scuttled in the Caribbean by traffickers being pursued by U.S. and Honduran forces.

Although they were unable to recover the vessels, authorities succeeded in arresting three suspects, and confiscated some $55,000 along with a firearm and military uniforms, Gen. Osorio said.

The two vessels remain out of reach of authorities, some 900 meters underwater, the general added.

Semi-submersibles and even submarines increasingly are being used in the illicit drug trade, as traffickers attempt to avoid authorities along the lucrative U.S.-Mexico corridor.

Unlike a submarine, a semi-submersible is never entirely underwater when it is being operated.