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Musicians From The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Will Train Central American Youths

By Dialogo
April 17, 2009

On April 21 four musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic will go to Costa Rica to train 133 young people who are part of the Central American Youth Orchestra (OJC) and work with them. The Costa Rican Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) reported today in a statement that the four musicians who will be in San Jose until April 25 are violinist Andreas Neufeld, trumpet player Gabor Tarkoevi, Wilfred Strehler (viola), and Wolfgang Duenschede (transverse flute). The musicians will travel to the Central American country in order to work and train people from 14 to 25 years old in that region. The Minister of Culture of Costa Rica, María Elena Carballo, explained in the release that this project “will provide new opportunities for young people to improve their musical skills." The German violinist Simone Bunso, the project’s coordinator, said that their goal is "to develop a new generation of young critics who know how to work as a team, do not fear challenges, and seek excellence, and to promote peace and cooperation throughout the region by means of music.” On April 25th, the OJC and the musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic will give a joint concert at the Teatro Nacional (National Theater) in San José. The Central American Youth Orchestra’s project is an initiative of the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture, the Instituto Nacional de Música (National Institute of Music), and the Teatro Nacional, with the purpose of training young musicians from throughout the region. As part of this initiative, last year 95 talented young Central Americans met in Costa Rica. This year that number has risen to 133.