More Than 2,000 Sailors from Five Countries Begin Unitas Exercise in Peru

More Than 2,000 Sailors from Five Countries Begin Unitas Exercise in Peru

By Dialogo
May 18, 2012

On May 16, more than 2,000 Sailors from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and

the United States began the Unitas 2012 multilateral naval exercise, in which they

will simulate actions to fight drug trafficking and organized crime in the region,

the Peruvian Navy announced.

“The aim of these exercises is training to be able to combat drug

trafficking, smuggling, and piracy in our countries,” Peruvian Navy Commander Jorge

Núñez told AFP.

During Unitas 2012, the naval and air units will conduct electronic warfare,

surface, anti-submarine, and air defense exercises, as well as amphibious and

maritime interdiction operations.

The operations will last ten days and will take place between the coasts of

Huacho (in northern Peru) and Pisco (in the southern part of the country), with the

participation of frigates, landing ships, submarines, helicopters, and combat planes

from the five countries.

Colombian Navy Captain Juan Aldana indicated at a press conference that he

was glad to have arrived in Peru with a very young crew eager to share many

experiences with the other Navies.

Peru is participating with five missile frigates, two corvettes, one landing

ship, two submarines, and Cessna A-37 and MB 339 planes.

Mexico, Chile, and Colombia will contribute helicopters, ships, and patrol

boats, while the United States has sent its combat frigate Underwood, a helicopter,

and a maritime patrol plane.

This is the fifth time since 2000 that the Peruvian coast will be the stage

for these multilateral naval exercises.

The first Unitas exercise was held in Venezuela in 1960, with the aim of

training, skills development, cooperation, and establishing ties of trust among the

Navies of the region.