More Than 12 Tons of Cocaine Headed for Mexico Are Seized in Colombia

By Dialogo
May 25, 2011

More than twelve tons of cocaine that were going to be sent to Mexico were seized in the port of Cartagena (in northern Colombia, on the Caribbean), the Colombian Navy announced in a statement.

The drugs were found in a container loaded with unrefined sugar that was headed for the Mexican city of Veracruz and were detected by drug-sniffing dogs in the port of Cartagena.

No one was detained in the operation. This seizure is the largest reported so far in 2011, according to the authorities.

Adm. Roberto García, head of naval operations in Cartagena, indicated that according to preliminary investigations, the drugs belonged to the Los Rastrojos [The Stubble] gang, made up of drug traffickers and former paramilitaries.

Colombia is the world’s largest producer of cocaine, with 410 tons in 2009, according to UN figures.