Military Personnel Seize 3,640 Liters of Heroin in Southern Mexico

By Dialogo
March 19, 2012

Mexican Military personnel seized 3,640 liters of heroin in the state of
Guerrero (in southern Mexico), in what constitutes one of the largest seizures of
that drug in Mexico, the Secretariat of Defense announced on March 14.

In a series of “ground reconnaissances” in the community of Coyuca de
Catalán, in the Guerrero mountains, the Military personnel discovered “a clandestine
laboratory for processing synthetic drugs, where they took custody of 3,640 liters
of a chemical substance,” the secretariat indicated in a statement.

The substance, it added, tested “positive for heroin,” in what constitutes
the largest seizure of this drug made by the Army and one of the most important in

In Guerrero state, where the popular port of Acapulco is located, various
organizations dedicated to drug trafficking are active, among them the La Familia
[The Family] cartel.

Since December 2006, more than 50,000 Military personnel have been deployed
in Mexico as part of a Military anti-drug strategy.

Since then, violence linked to drug trafficking has left more than 50,000
dead, the majority as a result of struggles between cartels, according to the
Government, and others in federal operations and in murders of civilians unconnected
to crime.