Military Operations Result in Demobilization of FARC Members

By Dialogo
January 03, 2012

In simultaneous incidents reported in the Colombian departments of Meta and Tolima, three FARC members fled the group’s criminal cells and voluntarily surrendered themselves at Army facilities, where they asked for protection, the Colombian Army announced on December 27.

The first two voluntary surrenders took place in the urban area of the city of Ibagué, Tolima, where troops of the ‘Patriots’ 16th Infantry Battalion were conducting search and surveillance operations.

The men, who belonged to the FARC’s 21 Squad, reported that the lack of provisions, the ill-treatment they received from their leaders, and the restrictions on communication with the outside world led them to make this decision.

Separately, in the municipality of Granada, Meta, personnel of the 84th Land Combat Battalion, 12th Mobile Brigade, reported the voluntary surrender of a woman known within the FARC’s Squad 48 under the alias of “Nancy”.

The individuals in question will be enrolled in the programs of the Humanitarian Aid for the Demobilized Group of the Ministry of National Defense once the veracity of the information supplied has been confirmed.