Mexican and European Legislators Propose Global Debate on Drugs

By Dialogo
November 30, 2011

On November 28, Mexican and European legislators called in a joint declaration to promote a global debate on the fight against drug trafficking among producing, transit, and consuming countries.

At the conclusion of the 13th meeting of the European Union-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee in the city of Oaxaca – 460 km from the Mexican capital – the legislators issued a joint declaration in which they indicated that “the strategy of the fight against drugs has not produced the desired results on the international level.”

The legislators made a commitment to “promoting a global debate involving the producing, transit, and consuming countries,” with the objective of identifying reasonable alternatives to the criminalization of the use of illicit substances and efficient methods for reducing their use, the document indicates.

The amount of land destined to marijuana and coca plantations has not been reduced, despite the policies implemented in many countries against drug trafficking, the legislators said.

In contrast, producing and transit countries, which were not consumers in the past, have been transformed into consumers and in some cases “have registered a significant increase in the levels of violence and social decomposition,” the document adds.

The interparliamentary meeting took place at a time when Mexico faces a wave of violence that has left more than 45,000 dead since December 2006, with the majority of these homicides attributed by authorities to conflicts between drug cartels, and to a lesser extent to the military offensive launched by the government against criminal organizations.