Mascot for 5th Military World Games Introduced

Mascot for 5th Military World Games Introduced

By Dialogo
September 08, 2010

My favorite sport is handball and boxing. I want to see the fight between the Dominican and the Costa Rican. This mascot is the most beautiful of all games in the river. That’s why I gave him my name!!!!!!!!?????? Good caricature, he is a flambeau, it is a fine drawing with much enthusiasm, young people who are free with clean and healthy minds. Is this the hope for all of us that want to be?
Created by Maurício de Sousa, the mascot for the 5th Military World Games was
introduced to the public on September 5th, on the official website for the Rio 2011
Games: The mascot is a futuristic military superathlete.

The Planning Committee for the Rio 2011 World Games is giving the public the chance to
choose a name for the Peace Games mascot. The vote will be held on the Games website
(, where internet users will be able to pick the mascot’s name. Electronic polling places will be set up all over the city of Rio de Janeiro, in public areas, schools, and military organizations.

There will be three names up for a vote on the Games website, where voting will be open until September 30th. The name will be revealed, in the presence of the mascot itself, on October 12th – Children’s Day in Brazil – at Quinta da Boa Vista (Rio de Janeiro). The organizers of the Rio 2011 Games, in partnership with the Department of Culture of Rio de Janeiro State, will hold a series of activities for children and adults who participate in the event.

The 5th Military World Games will take place between the 16th and the 24th of July 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, and are expected to bring together six thousand athletes from 110 countries, who will be competing in 20 sports, 15 Olympic and 5 military.