Lugo Orders Pressure on Paraguayan Guerrilla Group Redoubled

By Dialogo
January 20, 2011

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo has ordered the redoubling of police pressure on the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), a leftist guerrilla group, which claimed responsibility for a bombing targeting police officers in the northern locality of Horqueta on 18 January, a minister said.

“The president gave us the order to redouble all operations tending to counteract and put an end to the activities of the EPP criminal group,” Interior Minister Rafael Filizzola said at a press conference.

Early in the morning on 18 January, a bomb exploded in a police station in Horqueta, five hundred kilometers north of Asunción, wounding one civilian and four officers, one of them in both eyes.

“This is a criminal organization that chose violence, and we, as the state, will respond with force,” Filizzola indicated.

The minister said that around forty people make up the criminal group.

More than one hundred uniformed personnel have been transferred from Asunción to Horqueta for a tracking operation in search of those responsible for the attack.

The EPP claimed responsibility for the act in a statement found near the site of the explosion.