Julio Iglesias Arouses Passions In Chile At His “47 Years”

By Dialogo
April 02, 2009

The Spanish singer Julio Iglesias aroused passions among female audience members in his only concert in Chile, which was dominated by his sensuality and where he joked with spectators about his splendid "47 years." On Wednesday night, the audience at the Movistar Arena in Santiago anxiously awaited the appearance of the idol, who faced more than 9,000 spectators which had just watched the Chilean soccer selection tie at zero against Uruguay in a very even game broadcast from the same stadium. Without goals to celebrate, the Chileans saved their voices to welcome the singer, who appeared dressed in a black suit and tie, accompanied by three dancers who were also dressed in dark tones. With a band consisting of two keyboardists, a saxophonist, a percussionist, a bass player, and a guitarist, the singer who has sold the most albums in different languages (300 million copies) gave a solo performance suitable for an audience that declared itself faithful followers since the beginning. "You Chileans, like the Spaniards, have a lot of mix in your blood, a culture full of wisdom. We have said it many times but I will say it again, because in my 47 years I have traveled around the world and I know what I am saying," said Iglesias, who just celebrated his 65th birthday, to the amusement of the public, which was skeptical of his alleged age. In this way he presented the theme “Un Canto a Galicia” (“A Song for Galica”) which he dedicated to the ancestors of those present, with his characteristic manner of holding the microphone in his hands and his unmistakable eye drop. In a slightly risky repertoire, he went back to popular hits like "Me Olvidé de Vivir " (“I Forgot to Live”) and "De Niña a Mujer," (“From Girl to Woman”), which roused sincere applause and shrieks from the women in the stadium, who for a moment were transformed into seething adolescents. Iglesias alternated between Spanish, Castilian, and French without difficulty, and knew how to share the stage with a couple who danced a beautiful tango, chorus dancers, and the saxophonist’s solos. Women surrounding the singer received a kiss on the mouth from him with no embarrassment, in front of the envious, shouting female audience. But Iglesias also dedicated his conspiratorial glances and his songs "to the moms," who were dressed for a gala night and came to the stadium’s bleachers to see their musical idol. An environment flavored with the smell of good perfume and happy ushers - because tips were more generous than usual - were the cherries on the top of a day that started early with the qualifying match for the World Cup South Africa. When Iglesias uttered the phrase "now it is all over," a "no" resounded among the spectators, and the singer had to stop the song with a small, guilty smile. Iglesias, who was missed at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Viña del Mar Song Festival, which witnessed his beginnings as an artist, gave a single concert in Chile after on two occasions canceling concerts scheduled in the northern city of Iquique. The artist will continue his tour, "Julio Iglesias in Concert,” in Holland, and then he will leave for the United Arab Emirates.