Joint Task Force-Bravo Brings Medicine to Mountain Villagers

Joint Task Force-Bravo Brings Medicine to Mountain Villagers

By Dialogo
May 17, 2013

Joint Task Force-Bravo partnered with Honduran Ministry of Health and
Honduran Military personnel to provide medical services to more than 500 Cuesta de
la Virgen community members during a Medical Readiness Training Exercise (MEDRETE),
on May 6.

“Together with our host nation counterparts, we are providing medical
care directly to a village in the Comayaguan Mountains; an area where medical assets
are not readily available,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Scott Gaught, officer in
charge of the MEDRETE.

Hundreds of villagers wrapped around a local elementary school and patiently
waited to enter the classroom being used to teach preventive medicine, good hygiene,
and nutrition.

Following the classroom instruction, villagers were provided the opportunity
to meet with a nurse, dentist or medical provider to receive assistance depending on
their needs, which ranged from routine medical checkups, basic immunizations,
deworming medicine for children, tooth extractions and gynecological

The one day visit to Cuesta de la Virgen resulted in the medical team
treating 516 patients, 64 dental patients, 153 preventive dentistry patients, 13
women’s health patients, and providing immunizations to nine

“It is vital for us to provide MEDRETE with our partner nations,
because it allows us to give back to the community, strengthen our relationships and
good will with the local citizens, and confirms our readiness capabilities to
respond to disasters or humanitarian assistance missions, which are essential parts
of the JTF-B mission,” said JTF-B Medical Element Commander U.S. Army Lt. Col.
(Dr.) Bart Diaz.

In coordination with the Offices of Security Cooperation and partner nation
Department of Health Officials in all seven Central American countries, JTF- Bravo
treated more than 11,000 patients last year.