Jamaicans Run For Gold

By Dialogo
July 21, 2011

One of the most traditional countries in the training of sprinters, Jamaica has seven players competing in track and field at the 5th Military World Games and they all came to Rio for one single purpose: to win gold.

“I am very happy to represent my country, both as a member of the Armed Forces, and as an athlete, but I came here to take home the gold medal in the 100m,” said Soldier Cleon Hall, shortly after his debut at the track at João Havelange Stadium, (Engenhão) on July 19.

“I liked everything I’ve seen so far…the city, the competitions. But the next day I will have to focus, because I have a race,” said Warrant Officer Richard Robinson, highlighting the dedication Jamaican have toward the sport. Robinson is a sprinter in high school and is competing in the 4×400m relay.

Christie Oliver, who is competing in the 200m dash and is an integral part of the Jamaican 4×100m relay team, joined the Coast Guard 3 years ago and is proud to be serving her country.

“I still have about 20 more years left in the Coast Guard and some editions of the World Military Games,” she added.