Jamaica Takes On Corruption

By Dialogo
April 01, 2011

Jamaican authorities convened in Kingston at the end of March 2011 for a two-day conference focused on rooting out corruption. Prime Minister Bruce Golding related the high crime rate in Jamaica to the high level of corruption in the country. “That corrosive element called corruption has invaded so many institutions of authority, including the police force, that the role of the [proposed special prosecutor] is critical in this fight,” Golding said.
Law enforcement officials are looking at the problem of corruption to identify the various types, levels and anticorruption initiatives in the region. The working group sought to identify anti-corruption best practices, draft a regional strategy, and set up a framework for a regional lawenforcement network to end corruption.
Prime Minister Golding also called on citizens to fight corruption at all levels. “It requires a coalition of forces and a coalition of efforts. It involves the government, it involves the media and it requires, importantly, a recovery and a rebuilding of the values and standards that will turn the face of our society against corruption,” Golding added.