Jamaica Combats Human Trafficking

By Dialogo
January 01, 2012

The Government of Jamaica spent approximately $15 million during the 2010 and
2011 fiscal years to support victims and pass more legislation to combat trafficking
in people.
The U.S. Department of State’s 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report notes that
the country is a source, transit point, and destination for adults and children
subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. The document highlights the progress
made in the protection of trafficking victims during the reporting period.
The minister of state in the Jamaica Ministry of National Security, St. Aubyn
Bartlett, said that while the main piece of legislation already in effect is the
Trafficking in Persons Act of 2007, the government continues to provide subsidiary
laws. Despite limited resources, free legal, medical and psychological services are
offered to victims of human trafficking.
Sources: Jamaica Observer, South Florida Caribbean News