Honduras Appoints ‘Superminister’ to Counter Crime

Honduras Appoints ‘Superminister’ to Counter Crime

By Dialogo
May 03, 2013


Honduras President Porfirio Lobo appointed Arturo Corrales – who was Minister of Foreign Affairs until today – as Minister of Defense and Security and coordinator of an inter-agency committee, to try and curb the wave of violence that is affecting the Central American country, the government informed.

“The appointment ceremony was carried out at the presidential residence El Chimbo, where security and defense authorities gathered to plan new strategies,” the House of Government said in a statement.

Corrales took over as Minister of Security and as commissioner coordinator at the National Security and Defense Council, in which the three State powers will participate to define policies to counter crime.

The council is composed of the president of the Legislative Power Juan Hernández, the head of the Judiciary Power José Rivera, Public Prosecutor Luis Rubí, Minister of Defense Marlon Pascua, Chief of National Police Juan Carlos Bonilla, Head of the Armed Forces’ Joint Chiefs of Staff General René Osorio, and Chief of the Investigation and Intelligence National Office Julián Pacheco.

“These changes serve to move forward in the promise to return peace to the Honduran people, a commitment for which I will work tirelessly until my last day as President of the Republic; you will see the results. Let us keep the faith and hope that we will accomplish it,” Lobo stated.