Gold and Diamond-Encrusted Assault Rifle Found in Honduras Arsenal

By Dialogo
January 08, 2013

An AK-47 assault rifle coated in gold, and encrusted with emerald and diamond inlays, and two silver magazines surprised the authorities that found them on a farm located in the north of Honduras, Chief of Police Leonel Sauceda informed on January 6.

“The weapons and eleven vehicles seized are worth $2 million, and just the AK-47 is worth 50,000 dollars,” he added.

Sauceda indicated that the arsenal was hidden in fake compartments in five different cargo vehicles, and the operation to find it began on January 5.

According to Sauceda, they were able to find them because inhabitants of the Jardín de Choloma City, located 300 km north of Tegucigalpa, had reported suspicious activities.

“This is a very important blow against organized crime,” he stated.

The arsenal includes 4,736 rounds of ammunition of different caliber, 32 caliber 5.7, 45, 3.80, 5.56 and 9 mm handguns, 15 rifles, four night vision goggles, four fragmentation grenades, 98 magazines, and five bulletproof military vests manufactured in the United States.

Identity cards, automobile documentation, fake permits to carry guns, and blank Honduran passports were also found.

The weapons were manufactured in the United States, Israel, Belgium, France, Rusia, Brazil and Czech Republic according to Sauceda.

The police arrested two private security guards that were protecting the farm, both of whom have been charged with trafficking and weapons storage, prosecuting coordinator Marlen Banegas, told the press.

“This case is moving forward, and it will come to an end once the prosecutor’s office identifies the individuals who brought the weapons in to Honduras, as well as the purpose,” he highlighted.

Specialized organizations, such as the UN, consider Honduras the most violent country, without armed conflict, in the world, with 92 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants due to organized crime, especially drug trafficking, in 2012.