Forty Years of Books and Magazines from Spanish Artists on Exhibit in Bogotá

By Dialogo
June 05, 2009

Bogotá, 03 June (EFE).-Forty years of publications by Spanish authors, assembled for the exhibit “Browsing …. Four decades of books and magazines by artists in Spain”, which will be exhibited starting today in the Luis Ángel Arango Library in Bogotá. The exhibit includes a collection of publications of Spanish artists, painters and photographers who have compiled their works in a volume, they have designed the catalogue of their exhibitions as a supplement and they intended their creation more as an artistic magazine or as an open support to any type of format. The art curator, José Arturo Rodríguez, explained to Efe that “this exhibit is intended to disassociate the concept of what is art and what is expensive, and it attempts to eliminate the confusion between value and price”, as he defined the volume of artists as “the trade off to traditional art. Expensive, made with technical traditions in offset”. Rodríguez explained that the two hundred copies exhibited, that belong to the Spain’s Corporation for Overseas Cultural Action (SEACEX), are inexpensive and unlimited editions, and they were compiled by bridging together works from museums, expositions and galleries”. The curator asserted that “really some of these works become expensive over time, but at the time when they are published they are not a limited edition, and many times they have the price of a normal book that is re-edited because it is very successful”, The order and availability of the exhibit modules tend to follow the progression of these publications since the sixties; therefore they show the different identities which exist between the environment in Catalonia and in Madrid, and they group the themes according to the supports employed by the use of video or photography. From publications presented as an item inside a green bag to sample copies of “objectual poetry” that do not conceive the magazine as a mere compilation of pages but as a “container” for works, stand out in the exhibit for their originality. From this last type, the curator showcases the annual numbers of “The most beautiful”, which present their content in a tool case or in a gardener’s apron. Rodríguez asserted that the works of the artist Joan Fontcuberta protagonize several of the modules for the interest of their “recreations of reality”, patents in the catalogue from the “supposed doctor Ameisenhaufen and his impossible animals” and in the book entitled “Deconstructing Bin Laden”. Also a photo book from the filmmaker Carlos Saura is exhibited which illustrates a project by Ramón Gómez de la Serna and the picturesque interpretation of the “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri on the paintbrush of the internationally renowned Miquel Barceló, as well as the photographs taken by the photographers Alberto García-Alix, Chema Madoz and Juan Muñoz. For the exhibit’s curator, the volume of artists is now experiencing its golden age, since never before has there been a production that is so extensive and with so much variety.