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For Dunga, the Possibility of Ronaldo Playing For The National Team Looks Distant

By Dialogo
November 30, 2009

i think ronaldo is the best player ever to have had played for brazil , ronaldo should always have his spot reserved in the national team , he is a must have striker , you can never mess up having ronaLdo on your final list , the problem is that dunga does not want a team of stars like ronaldo and ronaldinho . to my understanding ronaldo has given brazil the best days , it is up to history to remember him as the best player that ever touched the ball , his awards and achievements already surpassed everybody including pele . dunga you have a great personality in soccer .you have to live ronaldo play in this team .wan i see ronaldo i see same thing spacal .for me ronaldo is the captin of the team and hi will make as 6 stars on the shert .a lot of teams tray to stady him but it is for noting he stil scores gols .and wan we lost wit francs it was an offsed .the taem is very good that you perfhormed but tere is same thing mising not adriano not ronaldiho. but ronaldo that can score from every angle in attak.dunga plsssssss let ronaldo play i wish i see ronaldo play he is the beast atteker ever i sen and let ronaldo score agen for as and for you.ronaldo you are the best and do the best Hi Dunga,im from Malta i wish that you ll see this comment. Ronaldo is not a legend cos he s story is not ended right here,and in my opinion you have to play him and give him the number 9 again for the last World Cup. Ronaldo is gonna sure bring back an other star on our Gold Brasilian shirt. And there he ll becomes a legend. Ronaldo does very nice goals and if you ll play him again im sure he ll do fantastic and wonderful goals. And pleassssse leave him play for the last World Cup and we ll be happy to see him score again. Ronaldo i wish that your dream comes true as i know its you re wish too and i know that you can do it. Cos you have a strong faith to do your wish. YOU RE THE BEST RONALDO! SHOW THEM THE FOOTBALL!!! What happened, Dunga? So much history, a brilliant career and run that Ronaldo can’t be kept out of the World Cup. He could be useful to Brazil. hey sir I hope you read this. Sir Dunga you are a very respected man as you have won the world cup for Brasil and you were the captain . I am sohail of 10 years of age I know this is your last year of coaching so won't you want the beat sqad. Think about how it used to be, World Cup=Brasil= Trophy= Ronaldo, ronaldinio, Carlos. Pleas for me and thewhole world include Ronaldo if not Ronaldinio sir maybe you made the biggest mistake of your life by not adding the players. You should have rethought this b4 the worldcup........now its too late! brazil is nothing with out ronaldinho the magican and the king of football he is my best player and iam feeling very sad that this fantastic player will not share iam with brazil till die but i like ronaldinho since he make me love football and meaning of football viva brasil viava ac milan The coach of the Brazilian soccer team, Dunga, left Brazilian striker Ronaldo, of the popular São Paulo Corinthians, with almost no chance to compete in the 2010 South African World Cup, claiming that he does not want to repeat “old mistakes.” During an event in São Paulo to announce the finalists for the prizes for ‘crack’ players in the 2009 Brazilian Championship, Dunga stood firm when asked by the press about the chances of giving the ‘Phenomenon’ Ronaldo (33 years old) a try-out before the World Cup, nearly ruling out the possibility. “There are some players who don’t need to be given a try-out, but I’m going to ask you something. Don’t give the fans unfounded expectations, and don’t try to get me to make the same old mistakes,” Dunga declared. Brazil will play its first friendly match of the year heading into the World Cup on March 3, against a still-undetermined opponent, and many fans and journalists have thought that Ronaldo might have a chance, after having displayed moments of brilliance in the Brazilian tournament. Nevertheless, his physical condition is also not the best, and so Dunga referred indirectly to the 2006 Cup, where Brazil arrived under the leadership of coach Carlos Parreira as the team most favored to win, with Ronaldo the subject of controversy and above his ideal weight. The star-studded team was eliminated in the quarterfinals. ‘R9’, a two-time world-champion striker (1994, 2002) and the holder of the World Cup record for most goals scored, made a triumphant return to soccer in 2009 after fourteen months of inactivity due to a serious knee injury suffered while playing for Italian team AC Milan. He won the São Paulo championship and the Brazil Cup and scored 23 goals in 37 games. Dunga took over Parreira’s spot in August 2006 and developed a new profile for the team, leaving out traditionally renowned players, Ronaldo among them. He now has men he trusts on offense, like center forward Luis Fabiano (Seville, Spain) and Robinho (Manchester City, England). “Playing for the Brazilian team is no longer only a technical question; rather, it’s a question of commitment. This isn’t just my demand, but also that of the group. In order to join, it’s necessary to be committed and competitive,” Dunga said. Recently, Ronaldo said that “I’m sure that if I have a great first half of the season, I have a chance to be called.”