Fight against Terrorism Main Focus at 2014 Conference of Ministers in Peru

By Dialogo
October 12, 2012

Peru will host the next Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas in 2014, and seeks to analyze the fight against terrorism, stated Peruvian Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano on October 10.

Among the topics of discussion that Peru intends to address during the conference, “the fight against terrorism is an aspect that the South American nation is strongly determined to confront, with the government of president Ollanta Humala,” Cateriano told the press in the closing ceremony of the 10th Conference of Defense Ministers in the Uruguayan coastal city of Punta del Este.

“For Peru, this is a very important subject, and we hope it is among the defense matters to be discussed,” he added.

“Additionally, we also hope to expand on all (issues) discussed during this conference,” he said.

Cateriano celebrated that, on the sidelines of the conference, he and his Chilean counterpart Andrés Allamand committed to respecting the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague on the maritime dispute between Peru and Chile.

“We have also emphasized the important joint work between Peru and Ecuador in demining our border,” declared Cateriano.

“This is also a sensitive aspect in the international arena (…) and we expect that soon, together with Ecuador, we can build a bi-national agency capable of offering services according to past experiences, not only for the United Nations, but also for any institution that requires it.”

The issue of terrorism has raised a lot of concern to every individual across the globe. I begin to wonder if the leaders of the world would not drop their policies and try to develop more encompassing policies that would take care of everyone's interest. Vested interest has produced conflict more than consensus. Socialization of basic norms and values seem to be lacking in all the youth of the world today. The United Nations should look for people that read sociology and engage them to develop statutory as well as emergent policies that could help to bring peace to the world. It is pathetic that human lives no longer mean anything to his or her neighbour. I will like to be invited to deliver paper on this topic in your conference if given the chance, using Boko Haram group in Nigeria.