FARC Planning Attack on Former President Uribe: Minister

By Dialogo
October 06, 2010

The issue of the assault against the paramilitary Uribe is nothing new, it's only a political campaign to benefit Uribe Velez, and as to the district attorney, it's also false. How they are going to murder a sympathizing member of the guerrilla that during his youth was part of the JUCO. Be professional journalists and don't repeat like parrots the stupidities told by politicians and Uribe's useful idiots, such as the Minister of Defense.
Colombia’s largest leftist guerrilla group is planning to assassinate former
president Alvaro Uribe, who during his administration sponsored a military offensive
that weakened the rebels, Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera said on 4

The minister indicated that information on the plan for an attack on Uribe,
who held office between 2002 and 2010, was found on one of the computers found in
the camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) military commander,
alias El Mono Jojoy, who died in a conforntation with authorities on 23

“Based on the initial information gathered from these computers, we observe a
clear intention to make use of criminal plans to assassinate former president Alvaro
Uribe Vélez,” Rivera affirmed in a press conference.

“Former president Uribe has already been informed of the existence of these
plans by President Juan Manuel Santos; he is aware of these criminal plans against
his safety, against his life,” he added.

Rivera announced that the administration is determined to offer security and
protective measures to Uribe so that he can continue to carry out his political
activities in the country.

Uribe, who announced last week that he will participate actively in Colombian
politics leading up to the 2011 regional elections, headed a military offensive that
weakened the FARC and forced them to withdraw to remote mountain and jungle

In the course of this offensive, the FARC lost several of their commanders,
such as Raúl Reyes, Tomás Medina Caracas, and Martín Caballero, while thousands of
their fighters deserted.

However, the guerrilla group, which says that it is fighting to impose a
socialist system in a country in which almost half of the 44 million inhabitants
live in poverty, still maintains the ability to carry out high-impact attacks in
remote jungle and mountain regions strategically located for drug trafficking, and
even in urban centers.