FARC Negotiators Meeting in Havana Declare Unilateral Ceasefire

By Dialogo
November 21, 2012

BOGOTÁ – Colombia’s 48-year war has entered a new phase with the guerrillas declaring an immediate unilateral ceasefire and the Bogotá government pledging to continue its attacks on the rebels.
Shortly before the two sides launched peace talks in Cuba on Nov. 19, Monday, Iván Márquez, chief negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced a unilateral, two-month ceasefire which he said would last until Jan. 20, 2013.
“The Secretariat of the FARC … orders its guerrilla units throughout the national territory to cease all offensive military operations against government troops and all acts of sabotage against public and private infrastructure,” Márquez said, reading from a prepared statement.
Márquez said the ceasefire is a response “to the overwhelming demands of the Colombian people” to end the violence. He also said it’s aimed at improving the atmosphere at the negotiating table and helping bring about a peace accord.
Colombian government says ‘no deal’
Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón shrugged off the rebel announcement and said the military would keep attacking FARC units. “Government troops have the constitutional duty to pursue the delinquents,” Pinzón told reporters. In the past, he added, the FARC, “has never honored the truces it has proposed.”
The contrasting positions reflect the balance of forces on the battlefield, with the FARC battered and bruised amid a long-running military offensive and the Colombian Armed Forces holding the upper hand.
Pinzón and other government officials remain concerned about the FARC’s motives. In comments to local media, they have expressed fears that a bilateral ceasefire would provide the rebel organization with breathing space to rest and recover from the military offensive that’s eliminated many FARC top commanders and cut its troop strength in half to about 8,000 fighters.
“In the past, ceasefires have provided a significant advantage to the guerrillas and that must not be repeated,” said chief government negotiator Humberto de la Calle as he departed Bogotá for Havana on Nov. 18.
Value of ceasefires a matter of debate
Ceasefires may require the deployment of international observers to make sure both sides comply. Violations could bring the talks to an abrupt halt, said León Valencia, director of the Bogotá-based New Rainbow Foundation.
For example, he said, in the 1980s, both sides called for a bilateral ceasefire during a round of peace talks between the government and FARC negotiators. But the two sides accused each other of violating the ceasefire, and eventually negotiations to end the war fell apart.
President Juan Manuel Santos — who faces some opposition from his predecessor, Alvaro Uribe — for not being hard enough on the FARC rebels, is trying prevent what happened in the 1999 to 2002 peace talks. At that time, the Bogotá government agreed to withdraw troops from Caguán but the FARC made no concessions in those talks and used that region to train troops, produce drugs and hide kidnapping victims.
Ending the bloodshed could also provide immediate relief for war-torn communities in rural Colombia, said Álvaro Jiménez, who heads a Colombian NGO lobbying for a ban on the use of land mines in the conflict. Reducing the intensity of the conflict could increase public support for the negotiations, he said. The FARC has said that it will no longer kidnap civilians for ransom, a pledge it has largely kept.
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