FARC Guerrilla Known as ‘Woman of a Thousand Faces’ Captured in Colombia

By Dialogo
May 12, 2010

The Colombian police have captured a FARC guerrilla whom they named the ‘woman of a thousand faces’ for her expertise in disguising herself in order to perform intelligence work for the insurgent group, authorities announced. The woman, identified as Mónica Echeverri, alias ‘Ledis,’ was captured in the city of Florencia, the capital of the department (province) of Caquetá (in southern Colombia), while disguised as a nurse. The guerrilla, a sixteen-year veteran of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, a Marxist group), was initially located in the department of Cauca (in southwestern Colombia), where she passed herself off as a member of a community of Catholic nuns. “This is a woman with a very high profile as a criminal,” Col. Nicolás Muñoz, director of the police anti-kidnapping unit, told reporters. ‘Ledis’ faces charges in the death of six police personnel who died in a fire in 2006 during a FARC attack on the police station in the locality of Arenillo, in the municipality of Palmira, department of Valle (in southwestern Colombia). In addition to the crime of homicide (for having performed intelligence work that facilitated the guerrilla attack), she is also accused of the crimes of terrorism and kidnapping, the latter for the 2005 kidnapping of two women who had to pay a seven-figure ransom to the FARC to recover their freedom, the police announcement added.